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White Wall with Stairs


News about what I am writing, book reviews, short stories and some music

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I am an author, so there will be plenty of information on what I am writing and what I have written and where to get hold of it.
Also much more:
Want to read some book reviews? Would like to know when your favourite author is next publishing a book? General book information.
And some music information too

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Latest news on my writing

White Wall with Stairs

What I am writing

My first novel (working title Woken) will  be published later this year. My second novel The Caricature Murders is finished and I am seeking a publisher.

I am currently working on novel 3 with a. working title of Chem and George.

Book to be published

My first novel Woken will be published later this year, a teaser below:

Woken is a fantasy, horror, whodunnit mash up, (with a ‘for goodness sake’ twist in the tail). It tells us of Jack, a lonely trainee solicitor who meets and falls in love with the beautiful and enigmatic Olivia. After meeting Olivia, Jack begins to be stalked by a large menacing black clad man, and after a revelatory visit to Olivia’s parents, and shockingly learning that Olivia is not all that she appears to be, the strangled and raped dead body of a woman is found in a trunk in the house of one of Jack’s work colleagues. The corpse and Olivia’s revelation prove to be just the beginning, as for all involved the truth is far, far darker than they could have ever imagined.

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Book reviews

Death in the Family by David Belbin review now in my blogs.

The Forgotten Fairground by Rachael Farrimond now in my blogs.

Einstein in the Attic by Dana Dagos and Said Al Bizri now in my blogs

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